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  • How to choose the right roofing contractor for your O’Fallon, IL home

    July 23, 2018 | Blog Roofing
  • Tips for choosing the right roofing contractor to fit your project

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    Anything involving your home’s roof is a big job. Your roof is expected to last for years and keep the outside elements out. If your roofing isn’t installed correctly or you get a bad roofing inspection, you could be left with all sorts of problems. To avoid that, use these tips to find a good roofing contractor for your O’Fallon, IL, home.


    The first thing you should verify with any roofing contractor is their licensing. Make sure you’re hiring a contractor who is licensed and insured. Roofers must be licensed in the state of Illinois to legally work on your home and insurance prevents you from being held financially or legally liable.

    Word of Mouth

    One of the best ways to find quality roofing professionals is to ask around. If you know anybody who recently had a roofing inspection or new roof installed, ask them about the contractor they hired. If everybody has nothing but good things to say about a particular contractor, that’s probably a good choice.


    The internet has countless review websites that allow people to provide feedback on products or services. Even a simple Google search for the contractor you’re considering may bring up a star rating with reviews. This also gives you a good idea of which contractors are good and which aren’t.


    When you do hire a roofing contractor, take your time to make sure the contract is all good. Remember that any oral promises may not be included in the contract, which means they aren’t contractual obligations.


    How and when a roofing contractor asks for payment can also be an indicator of their trustworthiness. A good roofing contractor won’t ask for the entire payment upfront, but will generally charge one-third of the total price as a deposit. You should also make sure you’re paying via a check or credit card so your purchase is documented and protected.

    It’s also a good idea to ask about any estimation costs beforehand, that way you don’t end up unknowingly paying for an estimation when you don’t stick with a contractor.

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    An Excellent Choice

    The roofing professionals at Square One Contractors are dedicated to providing you with great service and fair treatment. We are fully licensed and insured and we deal with metal roofing, shingle roofing, and just about any other type of roofing you could imagine. Give us a call today at (618) 624-7000.