• How will I know it’s time for new siding in Collinsville, IL

    December 21, 2018 | Blog
  • Is it Time for New Siding in Collinsville, IL?

    new siding installation Collinsville Illinois

    In the Midwest, our homes can be hit with a barrage of weather – at any time of the year, people in Collinsville, IL may experience extreme temperatures, hail, snow, rain and even high winds. However, the siding of your home is there to protect the structure of  your house from nasty weather.

    Unfortunately, however, your siding can put up with the abuse forever, and eventually you’ll have to replace the siding of your home.  But how will you know when the time is right? Here are a few tips to help you know when it’s time for new siding at your Collinsville, IL home or business!


    You’ll have to do some math on this one, but figuring out the age of the siding is the first step in figuring out how much longer you have left. Depending on the type of siding and the amount of maintenance you’ve put into it, your siding last from 20 to 40 years. When in good condition, there’s no reason to replace siding solely because of the age.


    Inspect the condition of your siding of a better idea of how much longer it will last. Siding that’s coming to the end of it’s road may start to rot or weaken in certain points along the house. Also, you may notice increased moisture or decreased energy efficiency when the siding starts to fail.


    Sometimes, your siding may look old, but be perfectly functional. When this happens, you may not need to completely replace the siding. Instead, you may opt for exterior painting services that could spruce up the current color or provide a needed change with a new color.

    new siding damage Collinsville IllinoisWeather Damage

    Sometimes, the condition of your siding may be out of your hands. When Midwestern summer storms sweep through the Collinsville, IL area, fallen trees, hail and other debris may cause irreparable damage to your home. This may be covered by a homeowners’ insurance policy, but either way, it’s something you’ll want to have repaired or replaced.

    Talk to a Pro

    When all else fails, get in touch with a local siding professional for an inspection of your siding. They’ll know just what to look for and how to tell if you can wait or if you need your siding replaced immediately.

    In the Collinsville, IL area, you can always count on SQ1 Contractors for siding repairs, installation & more!