• What does it mean when shingles are blowing off of my roof in Belleville, IL?

    February 25, 2019 | Blog Roofing
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    Chances are you don’t pay much attention to your roof most of the time, which is why you can have roofing problems without even knowing it. In fact, you may even notice shingles blowing off your roof when things get too bad. Here’s why this may happen to your Belleville, IL, home.

    Why Does It Happen?

    blown off shingles in Belleville Illinois

    There are two factors at play when your shingles are blowing off your roof: the installation quality and the wind. Obviously the wind provides the force that actually blows the shingles off of your roof, but that’s significantly less likely if your shingle roofing was installed well.

    Shingles are held on by both nails and adhesive. The nails hold in the top part of the shingle while the adhesive sticks the bottom part to the next shingle. If these nails aren’t placed in the nailing strip or the adhesive seal fails, your shingles may blow off in winds significantly lower than what they are rated for.

    What Does It Mean?

    If you have shingles blowing off of your roof, your first move should be to call a roofing contractor. Have them come to your home and do a roofing inspection to determine the state of your roof. They can tell you whether the shingles blowing off of your roof can simply be replaced or if it would be better to replace the entire roof.

    There are a number of factors at play when determining whether to repair or replace your roof. Age is one of these factors. Shingle roofing is designed to last for about 20 years, so roofs older than that should be replaced anyway. However, a contractor will also take a close look at the quality of the installation of your roof. If there are clear problems in the way the shingles were nailed down or adhered to one another, you’re probably better off replacing the entire roof to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Getting Help

    repairing shingles in Belleville Illinois

    Shingles blowing off the roof of your Belleville, IL, home is no small matter. You should have a professional inspect your roof as soon as possible to determine the best course of action to prevent further damage.

    If you need to schedule a roofing inspection or have your roof repaired or replaced, call the roofing pros at Square One Contractors at (618) 624-7000 today.