• What are the most common siding problems in Fairview Heights, IL?

    April 22, 2019 | Blog Siding
  • Common Siding Problems in the Fairview Heights, IL

    Siding provides protection for your house’s walls while adding style and curb appeal to your home. Because siding essentially serves as the outer layer of your home, it also takes a lot of damage. Fortunately, educating yourself about common siding problems and how to address them can help keep your siding intact.


    Warping is a common problem when you’re dealing with vinyl siding because you have to make sure you don’t attach vinyl siding too closely to your home. Other siding materials like wood, on the other hand, can be attached very snugly to your home. If you attach vinyl siding too snugly, you risk the warping or buckling.


    cracked siding problems Fairview Heights Illinois

    There are a number of reasons why your siding might begin to crack. There could be a specific incident that caused the crack, such as damage from a tree branch, rock or something else. However, your siding can also crack if you don’t properly treat and maintain it. You need to seal wood siding to make sure it doesn’t expand and contract during extreme weather conditions like direct sunlight and heavy rain.


    Almost everything fades when you expose it to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, especially when temperatures skyrocket during the summer. While fading starts as a simple problem that makes certain areas of your siding look worse than others, it can eventually progress and cause cracking.


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    One crucial step in the siding installation process is installing a waterproof barrier between the siding and the exterior of your home. Vinyl siding isn’t waterproof because it has to allow water through to expand and contract. Since wood siding is installed snugly against the exterior of your home, it can create moisture problems if any moisture is trapped between the siding and the walls. Whatever the cause of the moisture underneath your siding, it can lead to rot and other problems that can affect both your siding and the exterior of your house.

    An Easy Fix

    If you have one of these common siding problems in your Fairview Heights, IL, home, your best bet is to find good siding contractors to fix your siding. Square One Contractors can diagnose and fix up your siding in no time at all, making sure the walls of your home don’t sustain any unnecessary damage.