• Stylish Remodeling Services to Improve Your Home in Swansea IL!

  • Exterior Remodeling Swansea IL

    Sq One Contractors have been helping St. Louis area and all of the Metro East homeowners increase their home’s charm with their variety of exterior remodeling services. There’s no more direct way to boost your home’s curb appeal (and even value) than an updated exterior. From windows and doors to sidewalks and driveways, porches to painting, Sq One Contractors can handle all of your needs, large or small. With professional craftsmen and quality materials from trusted brands, they are dedicated to your satisfaction with your new home’s look. If you feel your home is a little dated, let Sq One Contractors freshen it up!

  • Interior Remodeling Swansea IL

    We can give you a cozy, comfy interior of your dreams with none of the stress! Many homeowners love the idea of tailoring their interior to suit their needs and personalities but don’t know where to start. Start by contacting Sq One Contractors and let us take care of it all! We can renew any room of your home - or add on a new one! Our contractors are adept at drywall and finishing, painting, doors, garages, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, even bars, and man caves! We’ll listen to you and provide exactly what you desire!

  • Kitchens Swansea IL

    Kitchens are often a home’s focal point, demonstrating the owners’ personal style and personality. In addition, each family’s needs vary greatly in regard to counter space, floor space, and cabinetry. If your kitchen doesn’t suit your family’s tastes or utility requirements, contact Sq One Contractors. We will work with you from design to completion, guaranteeing your satisfaction. From simple replacements to complete overhauls, our contractors have the knowledge and expertise to bring you the kitchen of your dreams.

  • Bathrooms Swansea IL

    We understand that many homeowners desire elegance as well as functionality in regards to their bathrooms. That’s why our contractors are prepared to deliver vacation resort style to homes throughout the area. Bathrooms offer a wide variety of options when it comes to remodeling. Sq One Contractors can guide you through all the available features for your space, ensuring you get the look and feel you want within your budget.

  • Basements Swansea IL

    Having an extra relaxation space in your home is always beneficial. Maybe your family feels cramped in your current living room or you’d like a separate space to entertain family and friends. Either way, Sq One Contractors can remodel your current basement into the perfect relaxation space. Not only can remodeling a basement give your family room to stretch out, but it can increase your home’s value as well. Basement renovations are a good investment all around. Call Sq One Contractors and see how they can expand your home’s lounging area.

  • Additions Swansea IL

    Sometimes, your home just needs more space and no amount of reorganization or renovation can help. If you’re in this situation, you may be thinking about room additions to your home. If so, call the experts at Sq One Contractors to inspect your property and come up with solutions to suit your space needs. Home additions can add value to your home and space for your family, but they are complicated undertakings. Our contractors are trained experts, always providing customer satisfaction along with quality work that adheres to local codes and regulations.

  • Custom Decks Swansea IL

    Adding room to your home doesn’t just end with interior spaces. A custom deck can be a perfect solution for a lack of space to entertain guests inside your home. Sq One Contractors can help you design the perfect space for relaxing during pleasant weather. Available in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials, a custom deck can add sophistication, allure, and comfort to your home. Our specialists have designed and built numerous outdoor spaces for other customers and can do so for you, too!

  • Custom Remodeling Swansea IL

    Even if you may not need an entire room remodeled, Sq One Contractors can help you with general renovations and updates. Like your home but want to update some little spots here and there? We can help! Adding small accents and embellishments can update your home without major work, cost, or headaches. Just as our contractors are skilled at large remodels, their talents extend to smaller projects as well.