• Keep Your Roof Strong and Secure With Sq One Contractors in Swansea IL!

  • Roof Inspections Swansea IL

    Most homeowners give their roofs periodic inspections as part of preventative maintenance on their home. However, it’s also recommended to bring in professionals once a year, as they might be able to spot problems that the layman cannot. When residents in the Swansea, IL and the surrounding communities want a thorough roof inspection, they contact Sq One Contractors. Our roofing experts are trained to notice any leaks, damaged shingles, moisture or mold, areas of weakness, or any other potential problem with your roof. We can help you avoid costly future damage by spotting problems now before they get out of hand. Schedule an inspection with our crew today to ensure you have a healthy roof!

  • Roof Repair Swansea IL

    If there are minor to moderate issues with your current roof, our crack team of contractors can repair them before they get out of hand. Leaks, missing or damaged shingles, or storm damage don’t necessarily cause a need for an entire new roof. Our specialists can assess your any problem spots with your roof and repair them quickly and efficiently. With years of experience and high quality materials, there’s no problem too big for us to tackle.

  • Roof Replacement Swansea IL

    Sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. Storm damage or just natural deterioration from age has taken its toll on your roof and you need a new one. With over 15 years of quality roofing work, Sq One Contractors can deliver the last roof you’ll need. We offer new roofs in a variety of materials and styles guaranteeing that your home will be visually pleasing as well as functional. A new roof can refresh your home’s curb appeal as well as offer better protection to your family. Our construction professionals have the tools, skills, knowledge, and experience to give you the perfect new roof your home deserves.

  • Commercial Roofing Swansea IL

    It’s easy to think that all roofing is the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Commercial structures are built very differently from residential homes. They can take a variety of different shapes and use vastly different materials. Sq One Contractors are trained in all areas of roofing in order to satisfy the needs of businesses throughout the metro-east. Not all commercial roofs are created equal. Our representatives are knowledgeable in the various commercial systems and products to guide you towards the roof that’s best for you. Trust in Sq One Contractors to provide you with a roof to protect your business and livelihood!

  • Residential Roofing Swansea IL

    Sq One Contractors work closely with homeowners to provide the residential roofing solutions that work best for them. Whether your home needs spot repairs or an entire replacement, Sq One Contractors has the skilled craftsmen to take on the job. We offer a variety of materials and styles in order to keep your home safe and stylish. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Let Sq One Contractors keep your family secure with our quality residential roofing services!

  • Chimney Flashing Repairs Swansea IL

    Leaks don’t always come from the roof itself. Instead of shingles or caulking, your chimney could be the culprit. That’s why our master technicians are also skilled in inspecting and repairing chimney flashing. Your roof’s flashing can cause serious, widespread damage if not handled immediately. We can repair or replace your roof’s flashing to guarantee a waterproof seal that will ensure your roof’s long term health and function.